21 marzo 2011


("resaca" in english)

Black gound stains my face

and my sleepyhead vision is clouded with you

How long will this halo of happiness last?

I never know.

But thinking about your absence

I find it…


Hard to count how many feet of distance separate you and me.

You’re a million miles away,

farther than far off.

And me, here:

Eternally patient, my long face awaits you

until my eyes crumble apart in linger

and my lashes fall out,

surrendered to fate,

and the cement of my iron clad skin cracks apart.

But happy I’ll be in the moment of delivery.

In the middle of nowhere our bodies will meet.

Ephemeral instants of fleeting eternities.

Fuck counting the days,
my hangover will fade.

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