08 marzo 2011

The Last Act
"Último acto" written 02/28/11
self-translated 5 minutes ago

It all revolves around the question: love or hate?
Love or a game?
Did our encounters stop being what they were?
Did the sex become just another sport?
You kiss me.
My lips: the traces of an act
from an unknown work
that will never win its well-earned oscar.
Sometimes I ask myself
whether or not you’re the lead actor
of this scene of my life…
I know you aren’t.
That I’m the one playing a supporting role
in your movie.

Tomorrow you leave.
The next day you’ll be far away.
Go, cause what was ours already ended.
I want to get back to reality
and know that everything is anything but the dramatization
of something strikingly similar
but much more boring.

Today I’ll see you
-the last time-
Did you rehearse?
I didn’t, but our meeting will most certainly
be dictated by strange forces.
A puppet master will come
pull strings.
Everything will come out great,
too great.

You and I don’t exist
beyond a few New York scenes.
I lost the oscar.
Even worse: I lost you.

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