04 marzo 2011

trans. jacob steinberg

I’m gonna go out because I need to.
Be as it may,
whatever the price.
Everything’s double:
I’m walking on tiptoes to write my best poem
It’s the time for freedom
as I fervently wait for the sex that never gets here
when will I work myself up to taking that step towards hurling myself
at strangers?
I’ve seen it in movies and it built up my hopes:
sex at parties,
in bathrooms,
sex with professors, etc.
This state of being lost at night and spending half the days searching.
I know I should wait a little more before going back,
illuminating things can still happen
(for example that here, on this avenue, dawn could
As the love continuum breaks
it highlights the monstrous side of things
It’s as if a border of smoke had drawn itself over my life
At least if I were a geisha or a gardener…!
It’s the moment of personal salvation
when the summer and fall overlap,
and the leaves that fall on the asphalt look like lifeless animals.

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