19 junio 2011

***30 october 2010 - written in la plata, argentina***

Sometimes in life, fortune smiles upon me
This year, I get to have two summers
and I am so happy.
Summer, you gotta spend it deadbeat.
Listening to music,
driving your car to places where there’s nothing to do,
wearing few clothes.
I want to wake up in the sheets of an unfamiliar bed,
and listen to old songs by Beirut
and wear a red shirt from American Apparel.
What place in the world am I gonna end up living my life in?
The United States or Argentina?
I’m sure that if I live in the US, I’m gonna spend my summers in Florida
And if it’s Argentina, I’ll spend them in La Plata
What a great life it would be to live in Florida from April to September
and in La Plata from October to March
and to always be in summer, always hot in suburban houses smoking joints with kids around my age, 20 to 22 years old, let’s say.
Once I had said that I didn’t want there to be images of me, but now I’ve changed my mind
I don’t wanna be a model, but I want my friends and I to take pics on a fisheye camera or one with 110 mm film,
always overexposed by the summer sun.

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