28 julio 2011

y una vez la traducción significó lo mismo que dejar que las palabras de otro me entraran la cabeza
y viví bajo la influencia de las palabras de ese otro
y caminé en trance pensando en las cosas que decía
y no pude olvidármelas por mucho tiempo

de vez en cuando, cuando ciertas emociones me dominan, esas palabras reaparecen
y otra vez, soy esclavo a las palabras de otro poeta.


"Ex Boyfriend" by Cecilia Pavón

The past isn’t painful, the past is beautiful
when I’m going somewhere by bus, ex boyfriend, how nice it is to remember you,
I feel like I’m navigating a sea of cars and my perceptions are quick
If love is the only thing that can give life content,
how nice it is to have lived and now be liberated,
now I pass by and I think…
the city is so big and there are always new neighborhoods to discover,
neighborhood committees that appear out of nowhere,
bars, coffeehouses, record shops,
houses on hidden streets with bakeries and sandwich shops
Maure Street, for example, is so pretty
it has some old mansions on the corner
and it’s close to the subway stop Federico Lacroze
close to the Chacarita Cemetery too
In all the places I passed through, I thought of my ex boyfriend,
who I’m never going to see again
who was super manly
who, one time when we were having sex,
made me feel for just a few seconds the plentitude of life
“I already know your body, and I’ll never forget it”
I say to him in my head, I talk to him facing the windows
I think that if I see him again my face will be white.
If my ex boyfriend enters my apartment
and I’ll have rushed to open the door for him
he’ll see me very flustered, he’ll see me completely unhappy
but so white so white that he won’t know it’s me.

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