25 agosto 2011


yesterday an earthquake rumbled virginia
and now a hurricane is heading towards new york
i don't have a boyfriend either

things seem kind of bleak lately

while i was waiting on line at a starbucks this morning
i overheard some guys who work at the apple store
talk about the earthquake and the hurricane
one of them said "the apocalypse is coming"

but all i could think of
is how if it actually came

meteors would crash into earth
causing polar icecaps to melt
major coastal cities would flood
and the dead would be so many
that we would pile them into mass graves
and spray lysol to cover the stench
the ozone layer would dissipate
and sun rays would burn our skin
people would die of skin cancer
and elderly would faint from the heat
nobody would remember to feed their pets
so dogs would turn ravenous and attack humans
the killer within would be unleashed
and we'd all become dog hunters
everybody would be too busy dying
or hunting dogs to work, so vital services would cease
fires ablaze and looters amuck
the world's end would seem so imminent
money and material possessions wouldn't matter
people would stop reading or caring
but all i can think is how if all of this happened
i wouldn't have anyone to cuddle me
and tell me "it's gonna be alright."

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