14 septiembre 2011

I wanted to read something
so I grabbed Dan Hoy's Glory Hole.

Some of my favorite verses are:

or Florida is where people go to die
when they won't go anywhere else."

are what happens to good ideas."

"History is for kids. Tomorrow
is full of horror, stupidity and death."

"After nine thousand years pretty much
everything is a waste of time..."

"... The time of my life is the time
it takes time to end..."

"I feed on plasma and cry a lot
and suck at feelings."


Without going into much detail, my basic perceptions, upon re-reading this book, are a sense of bleakness.
It would seem that there's a sort of superficial presentation of actually deep pondering.
It's not that God doesn't have a place in the book, it's that he's kinda bored too.
I'm left kinda wondering, "when will life be over?"
It's not sad.
It's not really any feeling.

If you don't already own this book, you should buy it.
That may be done here: http://mal-o-mar.blogspot.com/

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