13 diciembre 2011

First kiss

The first issue of Carolyn DeCarlo's new literary creation UP came out today
It features an all star lineup of emerging writings
They're all poems about bodies, love, sex, touching...
It features a translation I did of 'First Kiss' by Cecilia Pavón

This poem was written ten years ago
I first read it about three years ago
and translated it shortly after.
I submitted it about a month ago.
And tonight, for the first time, I understood the feeling.

What type of happiness are you experiencing now?
Which when you were kissing that boy?
Which always? Which yesterday?
I stare and stare at you, and I simply long to follow you.
And I see my life in danger:
a big ditch splits it in two,
it’s a deep ditch without water, that for how dry it is, is really just an abyss
I could only cross it by taking great leaps,
enduring, springboard leaps
Or if a huge storm came, a flood, and the ditch filled up with water
I could cross it swimming, my heart full of luck,
towards the other shore where you would be
and where I’d give you
our first kiss.

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